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St Marys College

St Marys College

Cranbrook Avenue, Hull, HU6 7TN

Full time courses & provider led apprenticeships

About us

If you are currently in Year 11, St Mary’s College Sixth form (SM6) is THE place to continue your learning journey after your GCSEs. As one of the most successful schools of its kind, its track record for delivering outstanding outcomes for students is second to none. The college has moved beyond OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ and holds World Class School status and is the Lead World Class school in the North of England. The college is intensely proud of this wonderful endorsement of the commitment of its students and staff.

St Mary’s College has a multi-national and multi-faith community which is proud of its diversity. There are over 50 languages spoken within the college and nearly 60 nationalities are represented - a true global community within four walls. Accredited for their ‘exemplary practice’ as an International School by the British Council, the college offers exceptional opportunities for students to develop a global awareness and a respect for justice, peace, the climate and the environment.

Whilst providing a broad outstanding curriculum, SM6 offers training and support for students beyond the curriculum through its three specialist academies: The Medical, Health & Social Care Academy, The Academy of Music & Performing Arts and The Academy of Sport. Its SM6 Scholars programme also offers bespoke guidance for its most able students, particularly those wishing to apply to Russell Group Universities and Oxbridge.

Director of Sixth Form, Leigh Haworth tells us more about SM6:
“SM6 is thriving and has been over-subscribed for our academic and vocational courses. Our offer includes a strong emphasis on pastoral care, for example, our dedicated Graduate Intern team are specifically employed to ensure a smooth transition from Year 11 to University and the world of work. It is this level of care and support that seems to have a real appeal and impact. Indeed, the most recently published performance data indicates that as a consequence of our relentless pursuit of excellence, irrespective of their starting points, students are likely to perform better at SM6 than anywhere else.”

Student support

Educational Support

Our pioneering team of Graduate Interns are a group of high-achieving recent graduates who provide individual support and guidance both academically and pastorally. We feel being young scholars themselves, they have a greater degree of empathy with our sixth form students. Therefore, they are in a perfect position to offer advice on how to balance school work with paid work, extra-curricular interests, and of course, hectic social lives. Our students tell us of the enormous impact on their performance and happiness the team have had.

Financial Support

Bursary Fund 2022-23

Students meeting the bursary fund criteria will be assessed to determine entitlement to support. The support is intended to assist with the cost of equipment, transport (not covered by local authority), university interview expenses, field trips, meals and any other miscellaneous items deemed essential by the college.

St. Mary's College have two different types of 16-19 Bursary funding available to students:

  • Vulnerable Bursary- available to students who are in care, a care leaver, receiving Income Support or Universal Credit in their own name or disabled and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.
  • Discretionary Bursary- eligible for students whose household income is below £20,817 per year or are in receipt of Free School Meals or have an Education Health Care Plan- EHCP.

Payments are made on a monthly basis from October- June of the academic year. Payments are in accordance with satisfactory attendance, behaviour and academic progress and will be held if these outcomes are not met each month.

What makes us different?

There is an outstanding extra-curricular offer at St Mary’s; an offer described by OFSTED as ‘as good as it gets’. For example, we offer a range of exciting opportunities for our students including educational trips and visits, charity work, drama, music, youth leadership, and chaplaincy, to name but a few.

We have also established Academies in Medical, Health & Social Care, Performing Arts and in Sport , which give students the opportunity to access high quality mentoring, work experience, coaching and performance alongside an outstanding educational offer. The programmes are run in conjunction with our partners in the NHS, University of Hull, Hull FC and Hull City AFC and other leading providers in the region.


Students travelling on Hull school buses (940, 955, 956, 957, 958, 959, 960, 961 and 962) can pay on the bus, costing £1.20 per journey or a weekly bus pass can be purchased from the year office for £6. Students who use the College operated buses (SMC 1, 2 and 3) to the East Riding can do so at the weekly cost of £6 (£1.20 per day). This fee is payable half termly in advance. Use of East Riding buses will require a bus pass displaying the students’ photograph; these will be issued by the College.

Students who use Stagecoach public buses can purchase a weekly Mega Rider ticket from the Sixth Form office at the reduced cost of £8 per week (£13 RRP). This pass allows 7 days unlimited travel on Stagecoach services and can be used outside school hours. For terms and conditions please see Prices may be subject to change, please check for current information.

Additional information

Post 16 Academies of Sport

St Mary's College has an outstanding reputation for sporting excellence locally, regionally and nationally. Our established sports academy offers students a unique opportunity to pursue their sporting aspirations combined with an "outstanding" education. The SM6 Academy of Sport currently provides opportunities in Football, Rugby League, Netball, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Coaching, however a variety of other sports are catered for on a bespoke level.

We are also proud to continue our partnerships with the Hull City Tigers Trust and Hull FC, working side-by-side to enhance our Football and Rugby league provision. This partnership allows us to host a lead coach from Hull City and Hull FC, to direct the Football and Rugby League academies respectively. These coaches work full-time at the St Mary’s College site, providing all year round support to our aspiring athletes.

MHSC Academy

It is a 2-year training, development and enrichment programme that runs alongside your sixth form studies and is delivered in partnership with the Hull Clinical Commission Group, local NHS providers of health care and social care as well as higher education providers such as Hull University and Hull and York Medical School. It has been established to ensure that our students are successful when applying for the next step towards any career in health or social care, and in some cases, it may even lead directly to a job. With this initiative, we aim to increase the NHS & Social Care workforce, particularly in the local area.

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