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About us

We provide an unrivalled range of hands-on, practical courses which give our students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The specialist provision at Bishop Burton is designed to make sure students are work-ready by the time they complete their studies, meaning they are fully equipped to launch exciting careers in industries of their choice.

We make sure our students build on their strengths to fulfil their potential and we do it by providing outstanding tuition by experts in their field, stunning campus facilities and world-class industry partnerships.

It is no wonder our achievement rates are among the best in the country. For us though, a truly outstanding student experience is not just about academic success. Everyone at the college is committed to ensuring our students receive the best possible support and guidance to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Our students come first. When they join Bishop Burton the are joining a community, not just a college.

If you choose to do so, I know you won't be disappointed!

Bill Meredith

Chief Executive and Principal Bishop Burton College

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What makes us different?

Bishop Burton College is Truly Unique

Set in stunning countryside grounds, we combine innovative technology and modern classrooms with real working environments that enable our students to develop the practical skills they will need in the workplace.

These include our mixed-use commercial farm, equine yard, construction and engineering workshops, florists, gym and many more.

Such facilities make for a diverse and exciting campus life that is different from any other college in the country.


For those who don't live on site, we make it as easy as possible to get to and from college.

Bishop Burton runs free buses for all full-time further education students along 13 routes across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. If you need to catch a bus or train to connect with one of these services, we will even reimburse you the cost - so you won't be out of pocket!

These short, simple journeys are also another great way of meeting new friends. 

Additional information

Advice to students

Our entry requirements will, in essence, remain the same, we will rely on schools to confirm GCSE grading on the basis of coursework and mocks as determined by government guidance. However, we will be flexible in our approach and allow some movement of students between course levels during the first 6 weeks based on our own initial assessments.

Given recent developments, it is worth stressing that we will assess every student application on its individual merit and circumstances, and we will seek to ensure no student is disadvantaged because of the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in.

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