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Work Experience and References

There has been a problem saving your progress. If this continues, please contact your school/adviser.

Please write about any work experience you have done, any part-time jobs you have or have had and any volunteering you have undertaken.

You must enter 1 reference. You can add a second, but don’t worry if you do not have one.

1st Reference

Your first reference would normally be someone in your school/academy - your Head of Year or your Form Tutor. Remember to ask the permission so that it is not a surprise when they are approached.

2nd Reference

The second reference could be your manager (if you have a part time job or you volunteer), your sports coach or someone that can be a character witness for you. This must not be a family member.

Filling in your details

We would like to see full sentences and you should think about where you went, what you did, did you enjoy it, did you want this placement, but now you don’t want it as a career.


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