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How to get the most out of the >log on | move on> website and all of the tools in your learner account!

Images of lomo - lomo learner account laptop cropped squareWelcome to >log on | move on>, we're so glad you're here! Our website is all about helping young people in Hull and the East Riding take the next steps on their education and training journey after school. We support you to:

  • explore your options
  • understand yourself 
  • make successful applications

>log on | move on> has three main parts; the 'Information & Inspiration' and events pages packed full of helpful information, the opportunities prospectus which you can use to search for courses and apprenticeships, and your free learner account with some seriously useful tools. 

Click on the sections below to find out more:


Colleges, Sixth Forms, training & education providers (and some employers too) will run open events for you to visit to find out more about the opportunities they offer, and what it would be like to study or work there. 

It is really important to visit the places you are considering applying for; try and visit as many as you can. We recommend visiting from Y10 onwards. Ask questions about the course, speak to students studying there now, and make a great impression with the course tutors.

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Information & Inspiration pages

We have lots of information to help you understand and explore your options. Learn the difference between the various qualifications and pathways, get tips on decision making, read up on how to make successful applications, and find out who can help if you are in need of support.

Explore the Information & Inspiration pages

We call your options after Year 11 'opportunities'. You can search the opportunities available in our region on >log on | move on>. You do not need to be logged in to do this. You can narrow down your search results using the filters, and compare different courses and apprenticeships to help you choose the right opportunity for you. When you're ready, you can apply through your >log on | move on> learner account.

Keep an eye out for important information on the opportunity listings which will tell you; 

  • what you might study, how the content will be delivered and how you will be assessed (try and choose one which suits your learning style!)
  • the entry requirements; these might be specific subjects or grades you need to achieve to get a place on the course or apprenticeship.
  • if they have any open events coming up. We recommend attending open events from Y10 onwards.
  • Labour Market Information; find out more about the job opportunities or industries open to you following this course or apprenticeship. Is this sector growing, stable, or shrinking? What does this mean for your future job opportunities?


If you are considering an apprenticeship as your next step, as well as the Courses and Apprenticeships pages, you can also search our Apprenticeships - LIVE vacancies section. The live vacancies page is like a job site for apprentices. Employers post their apprenticeship job adverts and you apply to them direct. You can use the CV writer in your >log on | move on> learner account to write your CV. Pay close attention to the desired skills and qualities listed in the apprenticeship job advert and make sure you tick these off on your CV! 

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You can have have your own free >log on | move on< learner account from age 13 onwards. Speak to your careers leader in school to get your log in details. If you are Electively Home Educated or not currently attending an education setting, you can get in touch with our team here to request your log in details.

In your learner account, you'll find:

  • the application centre to write, send and track your post-16 applications, all in one place.
  • the Skills Passport to record your transferable skills.
  • the CV Writer tool to create and customise your own CV.
  • the This is Me passport to help young people with SEND Prepare for Adulthood.

What are you waiting for? Log in and get started!

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Last updated on 01/11/2023