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Together, The East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Hull City Council maintain and update the site.

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You can use >log on | move on> to research your career and education options, but this isn't all! Either with your school, or by self-registering an account, users have full and free access to:

  The CV Writer, where you can create your own CV with helpful hints and tips, save, email or print straight out

The Skills Passport, which will help you to observe, log and work on your existing skills for the world of work

 The This Is Me passport which is designed for those young people who are preparing for adulthood

Loads of free and useful resources about the world of work, careers, education and more

To see more - visit the Information and Inspiration pages

To create an account, simply click on the "your account" button at the top right hand of the home screen, from the two options select "sign up" and follow the guidance along to create your free account.

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