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Creating your CV

A CV, which stands for ‘curriculum vitae’, is a document used when applying for jobs so you may well be asked to provide one if you are applying for a full time or part time job opportunity; Internship; or volunteering.

It is a written description of your qualifications, strengths, skills and experience.

The "Hire Me" workshop from Cranswick Foods will look at the purpose of a CV, formats, content required in a CV, work experience and application forms. 

In the video, Danny talks about how to write and present a CV and what employers are looking for. 

There is no need to start with a blank sheet of paper, you can create your own CV using the free and easy to use CV Writer Tool linked to your >log on | move on> account on this website.

If you have already completed the Your Profile, Your Applications or Skills Passport in your Account, you will already have a lot of the information you need at your fingertips, and some of your >log on | move on> CV will already have this content included.

There are also helpful Tips on every page to support you to complete each section.

Remember it is important to customise your CV for different employment opportunities to ensure its relevant, so the >log on | move on> CV Writer has a flexible format and allows you to create and save different versions. 

There are many other CV writing tools available on the internet but not all are free to use.

Click on the link below to logon and use the >log on | move on> CV Writer tool.

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More Top Tips on what to include to makes a CV and cover letter stand out can be found in this resource from BBC Bitesize.

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