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Religious Studies A Level

St Marys College

Cranbrook Avenue, Hull, HU6 7TN

GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Level 3
History, Philosophy and Theology

Course Summary

Aims of the course:

To discover and explore some of the key philosophical questions that life presents.

To study what is meant by ‘ethics’ and how this can impact on human actions.

To gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith in relation to contemporary issues.

Course Details

What are lessons like?

Lessons are highly engaging and interesting, yet exam focused.

Focus on the development of examination technique.

Opportunities for debate and discussion on contemporary issues.

All lessons have pre populated notes which students can annotateand develop.

Interactive revision games e.g. Kahoot

Folders are provided.

How will it be delivered?

What are exams like?

There are TWO 3 hour examinations in Religious Studies.

Paper 1: Philosophy and Ethics

Paper 2: Christianity

Entry requirements

Recommended prior learning /entry requirements:

Catholic Christianity / Christianity for GCSE study

A grade 4 in RE and English

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