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Wyke Sixth Form College Open Morning

January 22, 2022

German A Level

Wyke Sixth Form College

Wyke Sixth Form College, Bricknell Avenue, Hull, HU5 4NT

GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Level 3
Languages, Literature and Culture

Course Summary

If you dream of speaking a foreign language fluently and perhaps even working abroad, studying German makes this viable and will equip you with a variety of unique skills that will be invaluable in the future.

You will become a more knowledgeable and informed person; debates and discussions in the classroom will give you a broad perspective on a wide range of issues such as music, fashion, immigration and reunification. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the culture and contemporary society of German-speaking countries through studying the comic film Goodbye Lenin and the heart-rending play Andorra.

Lessons will be varied and stimulating, taught by a highly qualified teacher with a strong emphasis on communication.

You will also have access to extensive support materials. The course includes a weekly conversation class with the Foreign Language Assistant and an optional residential trip. German can be combined with a variety of subjects at university – it is not just a subject which leads to jobs in translation, interpreting or education since employees with German skills are highly sought after, especially in the field of manufacturing, engineering and business. Former Wyke students have gone on to university to read German with Law, Politics, Business and Chinese.

Course Details

- Aspects of German-speaking society

- Artistic culture in the German-speaking world

- Multiculturalism in German-speaking society

- Aspects of political life in German-speaking society

- Individual research project (based on a sub-topic of one of the above topics)

- One text and one film or two texts

- Grammar

How will it be delivered?

100% Examination. Speaking, listening and writing paper

Entry requirements

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