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English Literature

Hymers College

Hymers Avenue, Hull, Yorkshire, HU3 1LN

GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Level 3
OCR H472
Languages, Literature and Culture

Course Summary


The department has the following stated aims for A Level students:

• That they learn to enjoy and appreciate good literature at an advanced level;

• That they learn to produce critical writing in response to studied texts which is appropriate to advanced level study;

• That they understand how to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills through independent study.

Course Details

There are three components to the course; two exam components each worth 40% of the grade, and one coursework component worth 20%.

Component One is exam-assessed and involves study of a Shakespeare play, another pre-1900 play and selection of poetry by a pre-1900 poet. Component Two is exam-assessed and involves study of two novels linked by the genre of Dystopian Fiction, and a question requiring analysis of a passage from another novel from this genre which is “unseen” (i.e. not studied in advance of the exam). Both exam components are “closed book” (i.e. you do not take copies of the texts into the exam room).

Component Three is the coursework component, and requires the completion of two essays, one analysing a post-1900 poem and one comparing a post-1900 novel and post-1900 play with a linking theme.

How will it be delivered?

Students are assessed on five skills:

• Written articulation of personal responses to literary texts, developing coherent arguments which use language accurately and critical terminology appropriately

• Analysis of ways in which meaning is communicated in written texts

• Understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which written texts are produced and received

• Exploration of connections between texts

• Exploration of different possible interpretation of texts

Entry requirements

We prefer students undertaking English Literature at A Level to have achieved Grade 7 or above in both English Language and English Literature at GCSE, especially if they hope to achieve Grade B or above at A Level. However, we do also accept students with Grade 6s at GCSE, which can translate into pass grades at A Level.

The main requirement is that the student loves to read and will read both the set texts and appropriate critical reviews of these texts quickly and with intelligent understanding. Students also need to enjoy expressing their responses to their reading, both in discussion and in writing.

Your next steps...

An A Level in English Literature is always an acceptable qualification when applying for degree courses. English Literature graduates, and graduates in related subjects, are able to progress into all careers except those with other specific requirements, and the skills learned are readily transferable to a range of future careers

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