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Edexcel Level 3 History A level.

Archbishop Sentamu Academy

1 Bilton Grove, Hull, HU9 5YB

GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Level 3
History, Philosophy and Theology

Course Summary


Breadth Study with interpretations. Option 1E Russia 1917 - 91: from Lenin to Yeltsin.

Depth Study Option 2F:2. The German Democratic Republic - 1949 -90.


Coursework - Civil Rights in the USA

Paper 3: option 32 Rebelion & Disorder under the Tudors, 1485 - 1603

Course Details

Paper 1. The story of the Communist State, control of the people, industrial and social developments and the fall of the USSR. The twentieth Centruy saw Russia's authority and influence rise to superpower status, only to diminish and decline later in the century.

Paper 2. Establishing and the eventual collapse of The East German State and life within it. Germany was a focus of world attention as it lay on the frontline of the cold war.

Paper 3. The nature of rebellion and disorder under the Tudors. This section explores the way in which, despite a shaky start, the Tudors established their dynasty as one of the most powerful England has seen

Coursework: Students will study and evaluate the key historical interpretations of The Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Particularly focusing on what factore created change in the fight for Black Rights.

How will it be delivered?

Exams - AS - 2 exams Paper 1 60% of AS grade

- Paper 2 40% of AS grade

A2 - 40% coursework

60% - Paper 3 exam

Your next steps...

Degree courses/careers: anthropology, economics, law, philosophy, sociology, theology, journalism, education, business and public services. History develops a broad range of desirable skills and complements many other subjects.

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