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Drama & Theatre A Level

Wyke Sixth Form College

Wyke Sixth Form College, Bricknell Avenue, Hull, HU5 4NT

GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Level 3
Arts, Media and Publishing

Course Summary

Anyone who is interested in combining the activities of exploring plays, creating theatre, the performing of plays, the analysis of theatre from a directors’ perspective as well as performers.

All applicants should attend Wyke Start to explore and appreciate the course content.

This course is ideal for students with a love of live theatre – whether as a spectator, a performer or a designer. While the practical element to this course is crucial, students will be doing far more than performing. They will be introduced to different play texts and practitioners and explore them from different points of view (performer, director and designer).

Course Details

Students are required to work in groups for the majority of the practical assessment, and in order for them to understand how collaborative theatre works.

In terms of written work (40% of the course), students will:

- attend and evaluate live theatre performances

- use this experience to write about the purpose and role of theatre in modern society

- develop their own original production idea for a classic play, from the acting style to the set, props, costumes, sound and lighting design

In terms of performance (60% of the course), students will:

- devise their own short play in small groups (write it, perform it, and then evaluate it)

- perform a short monologue/duologue from a published play perform as part of a group in an extract from a published play.



Devising (40%)

10% Practical Presentation / 30% Record of process, practitioner influence & evaluation

(Includes 3000 -word Written Coursework Portfolio)


Text in Performance (20%)

Performance of a play extract (10%)

Performance of a Monologue/Duologue (10%)

(Includes a 500 word ‘explanation of intentions’ document)


Theatre Makers in Practice (40%)

Section A: Live Theatre Performance Evaluation

(Includes 500 word document of theatre evaluation notes)

Section B: Page to Stage-Realisation of a Performance Text

Section C: Interpreting a Performance Text

How will it be delivered?

40% examination 30% coursework 30% practical

Entry requirements

All applicants should attend Wyke Start to explore and appreciate the course content.

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