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A Level Religious Studies

Archbishop Sentamu Academy

1 Bilton Grove, Hull, HU9 5YB

GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Level 3
History, Philosophy and Theology

Course Summary

A Level Religious Studies allows students to deepen their knowledge of Christianity while at the same time learning new contents relating to Ethics and Philosophy.

Course Details

Religion - Religious figures and sacred texts, religious concepts, religious life and religious practices. For A2, also: Development of religious thought and contemorary issues and religious identity.

Philosophy - Arguments for the existence of God (Cosmological, Teleological), the non-existence of God (the problem of evil) and religious experience. For A2, also: Religious language.

Ethics - Ethical language and thought, Aquinas' Natural Law, Fletcher's Situation Ethics and Utilitarianism. For A2, also: Deontological ethics, teleological ethics and free will and determinism.

How will it be delivered?

One exam for AS.

Two exams for A2

Entry requirements

5 GCSE at grade A* -C, with a grade C in RE. (B if possible)

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