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Functional Skills English


60 Charles Street, Hull, HU2 8DQ

Functional Skill
Entry Level
Languages, Literature and Culture

Course Summary

Functional Skills English qualifications at these levels indicate that learners should be able to speak, listen, communicate, read and write with increasing clarity, accuracy and effectiveness at each level. They should

be able to:

• Listen, understand and respond to verbal communicating in a range of familiar contexts

• Acquire an understanding of everyday words and their uses and effects, and apply this understanding in different contexts

• Read with accuracy straightforward texts encountered in everyday life and work and develop confidence to read more widely

• Write straightforward texts and documents with clarity and effectiveness, and demonstrate a sound grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Learners should, with some direction and guidance, be able to apply these functional skills to informal and some formal contexts, in familiar situations.

Course Details

This course covers three main parts: Reading, Writing and Communication

How will it be delivered?

Learners can be assessed though portfolio of completed assessment tasks for individual units or by completing a formal assessment paper at the end of then course. Your tutor will work with you to plan the most effective route for you.

Entry requirements

All prospective learners should have a current EHCP to access this course.

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