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Humber Energy Skills Training Academy

6090/50 Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Engineering Technician

Humber Energy Skills Training Academy

Airco House, Goulton Street, Hull, HU3 4DL

Level 3
L3REF ST0322
Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

Course Summary

The Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Engineering Technician plans, prepares and safely carries out work in process, product and space cooling, refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pumping. The work is for key UK business activities such as food production, product distribution, retail storage and display, transport and office climate control, manufacturing processes e.g.petrochemical, pharmaceutical) IT/data centres and medical/healthcare services temperature and environmental control. Our Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat Pump (RACHP) Engineering Technician is for individuals new to working in the sector who want to be trained in the practical aspects of installing, commissioning, testing and maintaining refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems and learn the underpinning scientific and mathematical principles involved with vapour compression cycles and refrigerants.

Course Details

Apprentices will study towards the RACHP Engineering Technician qualification, which includes the following knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) which will be demonstrated through knowledge tests, practical assignments and submission of a record of work-based activities, followed by an end point assessment.


• Legislation, Regulations and Standards

• Underpinning principles

• Data analysis

• System fundamentals

• Sustainability


• Safe working practices

• Control circuit application

• Mechanical operations

• Application of mathematical principles

• Sustainable system operation


• Safety approach

• Strong work ethic

• Logical problem solver

• Focus on quality

• Personal responsibility

• Communicates well

• Adaptable

• Self-motivated

How will it be delivered?

Summary of assessment:

Delivered in the workplace with 20% off the job training usually in the classroom. This will typically take 36 months.

Gateway to endpoint asessment:

Maths and English L2 achieved at Grade 4 or above

Level 2 Certificate in F Gas and ODS Regulations Category 1

Gateway Form

Employer confirms apprentice has acquired the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to progress to endpoint assessment.

This must include a completed Apprentice Development Journal and appropriate on-programme learning outcomes and must be verified by way of a Gateway Form signed by Employer and apprentice

End Point Assessment (during remaining 3-6 months)

Appenticeship results and grading is generated on aggregate of three assessment methods :

Knowledge and Skills Test

Multiple choice test marked by End-point Assessment Organisation

Practical Test

2-3 days of practical tests assessed by Independent Assessor

Professional Interview

Supported by the Apprentice Development Journal synopsis and assessed by Independent Assessor

Entry requirements

You will possess GCSE Grade 4 in English and Maths and ideally a Science. If you do not possess the English and Maths qualifications, you will be required to undertake these subjects whilst studying on the course.

Equipment required

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Your next steps...

This standard is designed to meet the professional standards of the Engineering Council for registration as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) in partnership with the Institute of Refrigeration and CIBSE. On completion of this course you may secure a position with your company.

Additional information

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