Health & Social Care/Social Work/Medical Virtual Experiences


The below video gives you an insight into a variety of Care roles available across East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Listen to how rewarding the job can be and how it can fit around your lifestyle.


If you are thinking about going into Healthcare, becoming a Nurse or any other health profession then this is a really great insight into working in a hospital. 

This Virtual Experience considers the type of care offered in hospitals, using Leeds General Hospital as a case study. The course looks at the people who have roles within the hospital, how they interact with each other and patients, and what they consider to be 'care'. The different approaches and contributions to care by doctors and nurses are explored and patients give their perspective on the care they receive.     

Click on the image below read the description and click "Enter Course" when you are ready to start. You don't have to do the whole experience at once, you can do as much or as little are you like until it is completed.



The Health and Social Care ‘hub’  provides an in-depth resource for those who are searching for their first job or a a new career in health and social care, or even just looking at there future career options.

The information on this website enables you to select career areas of interest and find out further information including, training requirements, routes to and from specific roles and importantly, links to current vacancies where they are available. The web pages also highlight the recruitment campaigns currently in place in Social Care and provide direct links to NHS jobs and NHS careers amongst others.  

Click on the image below to access the website

14% of employment in the Humber is in Health & Social Care

Health care is about the treatment and support of medical conditions in hospital, health centres and in the community. It includes Dentists and Opticians. Social care is about the care and support of people within the community.

  • Click on the link below to view sector profiles by LMI Humber

Choose the profiles that are of interest to you, find out about Key employers within the Humber, useful subjects and planning ahead information.