Updates week commencing 8 February 2021

The below provides details of the information that has been added to the Information and Inspiration pages within the few week:

  • My career options
  • ICHEME WIME video
  • My Future My Learning
  • Nuffield Research Placement information
  • Upskilling and retraining (Employers and Employees section) 
  • Siemens - Bring STEM education to life in the classroom

My Career Options

We have now created a "My careers options" section. It is hoped that the linked resources will support those who are not sure what what they would like to do next. Within this area you can find the buzz test, the National careers skills assessment, a quiz to help discover your skills and a skills health checker.   

The Career Options resources can be found https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/how-to-use-log-on-move-on/ and https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/information-for-choosing-your-next-steps-after-year-11/



The video presentation given by ICHEME at the WIME event in November has now been uploaded on the WIME page. 



My Future My Learning 

My Future My Learning is a suite of resources that has been developed in partnership with The Careers & Enterprise Company and Skills Builder to help you speak confidently about careers related to your subject as well as the various pathways and skills needed by employers. The resources will support your work on benchmark 4 and 5.

Currently the resources created are for:

  • Art and Design
  • English
  • Geography
  • History 
  • Music
  • Sociology
  • Graphics
  • Drama
  • Media Studies

The resource information can be found https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/teacher-careers-resources/encounters-with-employers-and-employees-benchmark-5/my-learning-my-future/ and https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/teacher-careers-resources/linking-curriculum-learning-to-careers-benchmark-4/my-learning-my-future/

Further resources will be coming out in the near future so watch this space...


Nuffield Research Placements 

This page provides information on the Nuffield Research Placements and how your year 12 learners can access the programme.

Nuffield Research Placements are supervised but independent research projects relating to an area of science, quantitative social science, computing, technology, engineering or maths (or a combination of these).



Brighton and Sussex Medical School

This course provides a 'virtual' work experience for those looking to apply to medical school. Learners will be introduced to the NHS before exploring the roles and skill sets of six different medical specialists. Along the way, you will also consider some of the challenges and wider issues doctors face.



Upskilling and retraining

This section has been created to support those that are facing redundancy in these difficult times, providing links to the Humber Fuse website, which is a service to provides essential careers advice to those who have lost their job during the coronavirus pandemic, including CV advice and the opportunity to reskill, and may be able to put you in touch with opportunities that are right for you. 

Also within this section is links to the Skills Health check from the National careers Service and the Skills Toolkit. The toolkit has a number of free training courses to help you learn new skills, including general skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills.



Siemens - Bring STEM education to life in the classroom

Siemens offers a range of unique and engaging materials and practical activities based on the national curriculum and the ground-breaking projects Siemens is engaged in.