Updates week commencing 18 January 2021

The below provides details of the information that has been added to the Information and Inspiration pages within the last week:

  • the next Hull City Council Virtual Work Experience video
  • Hope Video from National Careers Week
  • Traineeship why they work videos and student activity pack
  • How to use HOPathways
  • The Future of Work Guide from National Careers Week 

Hull City Council work experience videos

Neighbourhood & Housing - Captures Aimee & Theos Work Experience Journey. Both students completed work experience placements within Hull City Council Housing teams and secured Apprenticeships as a direct result of their placement - https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/virtual-work-experience/local-work-experience-videos/hull-city-council-work-experience-videos/

Hope Video from National Careers Week -

Hope features young people of secondary and sixth form age from Nottingham Academy discussing their thoughts about and hopes for the future. The film openly talks about feelings of hope, stress and worries for the future, and gives practical advice on how to deal with such things. The duration is 7.45 minutes   https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/emotional-wellbeing/other-resources/hope/ 

Traineeship why they work videos and student activity pack

Amazing Apprenticeships have created 2 "Why a Traineeship works" videos and a student activity pack to help people learn about all things Traineeships. These can be found - https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/information-for-choosing-your-next-steps-after-year-11/what-are-your-options-after-year-11/the-below-gives-details-of-the-options-available-to-you/traineeships/

How to use HOPathways

We have created a how to use HOPathways page for learners which explains how to use this functionality - https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/how-to-use-log-on-move-on/how-to-use-hopathways/what-is-hopathways-and-how-do-i-use-it/

Within the teacher resources we have also created a page on how teachers can use HOPathways along with providing details of the resources available. 

The Future of Work Guide from National Careers Week

This guide has mainly been created to help careers advisers and teachers to better navigate and understand the future of work, so in turn they can help students to better prepare for it. It can also be used by anyone else interested in understanding the future of work. The guide will focus on the changes to the world of work which are expected to happen due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and resulting automation - https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/teacher-careers-resources/encounters-with-employers-and-employees-benchmark-5/the-future-of-work-guide-2021/