What do I know about LMI?

Within this section there are loads of information and activities around Labour Market Information (LMI). Click on the title link below to access resources and websites.

What do I know about LMI? 

Test your knowledge of LMI.

LMI Quiz 

Complete the quiz to see how much you know about LMI.

LMI Video's

Choose a sector you're interested in to hear real life stories from people working in your chosen sector.

Understanding LMI activity

Complete the activity to find out how much you understand about LMI.

A journey into LMI - KS4

Download & read through the lessons and complete the activities.

LMI Wordsearch

Want a bit of fun? Then download and complete the LMI wordsearch.

Where could your favourite subject take you?

Looking for job inspiration? Check out the job profiles to help you get started. Hear from people who are using subjects that interest you. Also see how much you could get paid for different roles and find out what qualifications you might need to follow in their footsteps.

GE Community

Watch a range of real life stories from people working in STEM careers.

Careers at BP

Watch a range of real life stories of people working at BP.

Explore jobs by sector

Visit the BBC Bitesize website and explore jobs by sector.

Key Worker work booklet

Complete the work booklet to find out about key worker careers, what they do, skills and qualifications they have and what they earn.

From Ideas to Careers

Want to know about the different occupational area and job roles across the Humber, then check out the From Ideas to Careers section of >log on | move on>.