STEM related (Science, Technology, Engineering and maths)

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BP independent at home learning 

The home can be a place of learning too. Encourage students aged 11-14 to continue learning independently at home with these exciting resources, carefully curated to support teachers and parents.

Take the Periodic table challenge - who can get the highest interactive game score? Or be inspired by the work of Jamie Garcia in her mission to reduce plastics. 

BAE Systems - Help for home learning

We’re passionate about promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). We also understand the difficulties faced by many families at the moment, and the importance of home learning.

Working with our engineers and partners, we’ve developed a range of learning resources to help you teach your children or pupils whilst they’re at home.

IChemE Careers talk

Watch the careers talk to hear from 3 members of IChemE working in different areas of the sector to learn more about the industry and the routes into the different careers.