Virtual Work Experience

Virtual work experience programs mimic entry-level work done and will give you an insight into the world of work.

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Virtual work experience article

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Medic Mentor - Your Medic Family 

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has partnered with Medic Mentor, the UK’s largest medical family, to provide free live virtual work experience to any student in the UK wanting to become a doctor, dentist or vet.  This work experience programme is completely unique because unlike other virtual work experience programmes, it is LIVE, using high fidelity simulation in the best state-of-the-art-simulation centre in the country, at the QE Hospital in Birmingham.  

Follow 3 patients over a 6-month period as they go from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up, that is provided by real doctors and a multidisciplinary team.  As a student, you will be able to ask any of the doctors questions about the cases you see.  It will be as if you are really there, but from the comfort of your own home and without putting you at risk during the COVID pandemic.  UHB and Medic Mentor are committed to ensuring that students still have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into healthcare careers and high quality application support, even in these difficult times.


Using this you can learn from top companies and will teach students the skills they hire for BEFORE they hire you.

Barclays Skills Life Skills Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience gives you a unique opportunity to gain work experience in a company that you might not normally get access to while highlighting the essential skills you might need.  

Karro - My (Home) Work Experience Booklet

Complete the online booklet to understand the roles and skills Karro look for in their future workforce.

Speakers for Schools Virtual Work Experience 

Virtual work experience placements with real employers giving you the opportunity to develop employability skills by undertaking real life work based projects.

Virtual Internships

Live and online Internships from InvestIN

My week of work

Download our student focus templates to provide your pupils with the details they’ll need to know about ‘My Week of Work’. It includes:

  1. Editable timetable for the week
  2. Details of how to participate in both Oak National Academy and LearnLive
  3. Information for parents on safeguarding