Employability Skills Passport

A group of East Riding secondary schools has worked together to develop a passport framework in consultation with local employers.  The shared aim is to improve the employability skills and ultimate success of young people. 


The Employability Skills Passport will be useful whichever pathway you choose at the end of year 11, whether you are looking for a full time job/apprenticeship or traineeship, a part-time or casual job to support you whilst you are studying full time or volunteering.

Employability skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make them ‘employable’.

Employability depends on your knowledge, skills, attributes and attitudes, how you use those assets, and how you present them to employers.

The following have been defined by the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) as employability skills that employers are looking for, in addition to high levels of formal academic achievement:



Business and customer awareness

Problem solving

Communication and literacy

Application of number

Application of digital technologies


There is an additional “unwritten skill” that you need to be able to demonstrate the skill of presenting and promoting yourself well in interview.


Find step by step guides of how to complete the online Employability Skills Passport here.