Support in the East Riding

From year 9

From school Year 9 you will start your preparation for adulthood. Preparing for adulthood is planning early with you at the centre to give you the best chance possible to achieve your dreams and aspirations as you move towards your adult life. Preparing for adulthood covers four things:

  • Employment and Education
  • Friends, Relationships and Community
  • Good Health
  • Independent Living

All young people, including those receiving SEN Support or those with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, have access to independent careers guidance from schools, available from year 8. School careers advisers will go through with you what you’d like to do with your future, exploring a range of education and training opportunities in an impartial way to decide what is right for you. You can choose an education based pathway where you study at a school, college or an independent provider, or an employment based pathway where you learn whilst you work.

School’s careers advisers should also support you in the following ways:

  • Give you an opportunity to access a one-to-one careers interview
  • Ensure you have had at least one meaningful encounter with employer
  • Provide you with a chance to speak to education providers including technical education, apprenticeships, traineeships and supported internships
  • Direct you and your parent carer to the Local Offer website for further information

East Riding of Yorkshire Council also have Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Officers who work within the 0 – 25 SEND Team. These officers link with school and college Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) and careers advisers to offer specialist support and guidance to you if you are struggling to find suitable options for after school Year 11 or need help overcoming obstacles.

Careers advisers / IAG Officers will explore options and can advise you on:

  • Mainstream schools, special schools and academies – these types of settings often have sixth forms which offer courses for all young people, including those with SEND.
  • General Further Education (GFE) colleges which offer mainstream and supported learning courses.
  • Sixth form colleges, offering mainly A levels
  • Training providers
  • Approved Independent specialist providers of further education for young people with SEND.

These provider types listed above may offer a range of opportunities including;

  • post 16 and 18 full and part time course options, including:
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Supported Internships

You can view post 16 and post 18 education, training and employment options on the home page of >log on | move on>

Annual Reviews and preparation for adulthood

The school or setting (usually the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)) will co-ordinate annual review meetings, working alongside the you and your parent carer to arrange the meeting date, time and venue of the annual review meeting, who will be invited and who will be asked to provide professional reports. Furthermore, yours and your parent carers views wishes and feelings should be obtained and recorded prior to the annual review meeting.

Professional input will vary depending on your individual needs. If you or your parent carer wish to seek clarity on which professionals you should expect to be involved at any given point or specifically in relation to an annual review, there are a number of people / services you could seek advice from, including:

  • The school / setting’s SENCO – contact directly through the school
  • The Education, Health and Care Plan Coordinator (EHCCO) – Telephone: (01482) 394000
  • The 0-25 SEND Team – Telephone: (01482) 394000
  • SENDIASS – Telephone: (01482) 396469
  • KIDS 16-25 SENDIASS – Telephone: (01482) 467540

Local authorities should ensure that you have the support you need to participate fully in this planning and to make decisions. If you feel that support is needed to make sure that you can participate fully in these processed then the local authority should offer support, which could be given by an advocate or other supporter. For further information about support available please contact KIDS 16-25 SENDIASS:

Telephone: (01482) 467540


If you are home educated and have an EHC Plan the local authority continue to have responsibility for reviewing the EHC Plan. To find out about when your annual review is due please telephone: (01482) 394000 and speak to your Education, Health and Care Plan Coordinator (EHCCO).

Other ways that your school can help you to prepare for post 16 can include working with post-16 providers to ensure a smooth transition to college, training or employment, as well as arranging:

  • Taster sessions at colleges.
  • Discussions between the SENCOs at each provider to ensure the your needs are understood.
  • Link Courses at college before leaving school. These are to assist in transition planning, vocational tasting and shared understanding of need.