Adventure Travel Programmes

These are organised programmes which mix travel and adventures. The  programmes can be between 1 and 26 weeks long and incur a cost.



Provide placements of between 7 and 13 weeks to help communities in:

Malaysia & Borneo




Provide placements for 1 to 12 weeks in many different fields including sport, building projects, child care abroad, medical, conservation and community projects. This company also facilitates paid work opportunities abroad. To find out more visit:


offers working and volunteering opportunities in Africa, Asia and North & South America.

To find out more visit:



Are you thinking that you want to travel but do it in a group? Xtreme Gap allows you to do this. Visit to find out more.

This is a portal for companies to advertise gap year options.


Offers adventure placements and ideas for Gap year activities


Offers many different adventure placements


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