Success Story 1 - Jamie

Jamie – The Old School House, Beverley

Jamie has worked at the Old School House part time since 2012. Jamie is an East Riding Gardener. His job role includes garden maintenance, caretaking duties and generally helping in any aspect of the up keep of The Old School House residential home. When visiting Jamie at his workplace it was clear to see he is passionate about his job, he stated “This was my first official paid job and it means the world to me”. Jamie also stated that “his job role has allowed him to gain confidence, learn to work as part of a team and it has allowed him to be outdoors which he loves.” Jamie is supported by the Old School House’s Caretaker, when asked how The Old School House helps Jamie he told us that “I have a fantastic boss who explains each task to him and makes sure that I understands what to do and trains me to learn new pieces of equipment.” Jamie accessed paid employment through the help of Worklink a service provided by the council to enable young people and adults with learning disabilities to gain employability and life skills in order to achieve paid employment for those who aspire to employment. Prior to Jamie’s job success he undertook training in gardening and worked in the kitchen at Worklink, he also had support from Futures+ another adult learning disability team which provided travel training to develop his skills before successfully finding paid employment at The Old School House in Beverley. When speaking to Jamie’s Employer they told us that Jamie gets on well with all of the other staff, he is incredibly hard working and takes on training and instruction well and that he is a valued member of the team. Should you wish to contact Worklink to find out more about the service or if you are an employer that would like to offer employment opportunities please contact the team on: 01482842009