Why use >log on | move on>?

>log on | move on> is a careers portal managed in partnership by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Hull City Council. This website is the only local website which advertises courses and opportunities.  

This local free independent website can be used from age 13 to start to plan for your future career. There are many features to this site from logging your transferable skills to applying to a post 16 and post 18 provider, see below a description of the tools and benefits:

Look through the Information and Inspiration pages to learn about the next steps and research information about the opportunities available to you in the future. The website also boasts a wealth of comprehensive information and resources to help you make decisions on the next step to your chosen career on our Information and Inspiration pages. https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/advice/



You can view local courses and apprenticeship opportunities by searching the award winning prospectus, look at labour market information against each opportunity. Our prospectuses advertise local courses and opportunities for 16-18 year olds, adults, those interested in higher education, SEND learners and those who are unemployed. The prospectuses allow you to easily compare the courses and opportunities at sixth forms, college or training providers offering what you are looking for. Unlike other platforms, the local providers actively use this site to promote their opportunities ensuring the information is accurate and regularly updated and matches their own website. 


 Use >log on | move on> to make applications. Your account allows you to complete one application form   and send it to multiple providers. There is no need to complete a separate form for each application you want   to make.






Access the employer endorsed employability skills passport to track and evidence your transferable   skills, take a copy of your complete passport with you to interviews or use the content to prepare your   personal statement for a great application!                                                                                                          

 Create a CV from the information in your application and employment skills passport to support your education and training.

 Work your way through the elearning programmes on your learner account.


Need help? Use the get in touch button on the home page and a member of the >log on | move on> team will be in touch during the working day


If you are aged between 13 and 18 you will either be given an account in school or if outside a school setting you have the ability to create your own account using the self-registration function. Your account enables access to the common application process, employability skills passport, CV writer, personal statement.  Your account remains with you until the end of the academic year in which you become 18,

Your account stays with you regardless of the provider or employer you attend post 16 allowing you to continue using your account and updating the information, you have entered. Please enter a personal email address before you take your GCSEs.

If you have an EHCP your account can remain with you for as long as you have an EHCP.

If you want to learn more about how to use the website please visit https://www.logonmoveon.co.uk/getting-started/ where you will find information about how to use all the tools on the site.

Good luck and if the website has helped you then get in touch through the get in touch button or through our social media. We would love to hear about your experiences and we may even ask you to feature in our information and inspiration pages!