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How will it help me?

Understanding the benefits

The Employability Passport can help to:

  • Increase your understanding of the employability skills employers are looking for and increase your awareness of the skills you have.
  • Highlight employability skills and examples to include in your CV and Job Application Forms.
  • Highlight employability skills and examples to include in your post16 CAP and Higher Education Application Forms.
  • Support you to be successful in finding temporary and part-time and voluntary work whilst you study.
  • Help with your preparation for a job or course interview, and provide a reference point during the interview.
  • Additional information about you to leave with your prospective employer at the end of the interview.

There is additional information available in the Employability Skills section of the Information and Inspiration pages of logonmoveon, to help you to start to plan your future career and next steps including:

  • Making a Start
  • Looking for jobs and apprenticeships
  • Preparing your CV and Completing Job Applications
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Keeping track of your progress


Employability Passport

About Employability Skills

How to use the Passport

What are the Benefits?

How will it help me?


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