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Extraordinary Experiences

Connie Fredrickson - American Studies:

Hannah Townsend - American Studies:

Maria Goodley - Business & Management:

Samantha Marimo - Business, Economics & Marketing:

Joshua Jones - Chemical Engineering:

Eden Rose - Chemistry:

Dimitar Nikovski - Computer Science:

Edward Brown - Computer Science:

Jasmine Morley - Criminology:

Ashvita Sudhakar - Digital Design:

Katie Hobson - Education & Special Needs:

Natasha Pitts - Electronic & Electrical Engineering:

Olayemi Ajayi - Operating Department Practice:

Melanie Lee - Midwifery

Clara Wisenfield Paine - Philosphy & Religion:

Chelsea Higgins - Social Work:

Daniel Norton - Sociology:

Maya Tyrrell - English:

Ellie Williams - English:

Ella Kirk - Midwifery:

Nadira Hendarta - Environmental Science:

Shephard Mathuthu - Mental Health Nursing:

Aaron Hall - Psychology:

David Dale - Learning Disability Nursing:

Emily Brown - Marketing:



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